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Username: James Nicholas

How to use panels

Username: dboeger

Shhhh it's a secret, but of the box, Drupal delivers a sub-par workflow experience.

I know, it's a shocker, but with some work, and some tears, and some more work, and some cursing, and some radio button click fests, and some more work, you can make a tolerable workflow using permissions and roles. Buuuut, it's still not great.

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Username: noahlively

The what, why and how of using Drupal 7 as a web service endpoint and connecting apps to it. Topics include:

- Authentication (various methods and when to use them)
- Various kinds of web services
- Exposing Drupal data using RESTful patterns
- Writing custom service methods
- Using Drupal views as web services
- How it gets better in Drupal 8

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Topic: Deep Debugging
Requestor: cjm51213

How to set-up a debugging environment, including a "Theory of Drupal", which would include the sequence of steps from request to display, and the major processing/decision points where br